This kind of diplomacy for this kind of “mentality”

Many people did not find appropriate the diplomatic method Israel used to show reaction to Turkey. The primitive diplomatic behavior Israel resorted to brought out something important: its image more than what Israel is… In particular, in Turkey it is known that a pro-Israeli stance that reduces pro-Westernism to being Israel-centered is dominant in both the Turkish Foreign Service and the Westernized elite. At every opportunity journalists who write like “power agents” have always endorsed the superior, intelligent, powerful, Western, civilized Israel discourse counter-poised to the image of the backward, dirty Arabs. There is a pro-Israelism that goes so far as to degrade the culture, history, and even race of the Arabs who have been defeated by Israel. The acts of those who label as “anti-Semitism” any kind of opposition to Israel or any discourse that brings up Zionist colonialism, which occupies Jerusalem and Palestine, actually can even be said to be anti-Arabism, in fact, anti-Muslimness. Enjoying this Orientalist discourse, Turkish nationalists and the Western, secularist elite have ignored all of Israel’s sins for the sake of the civilization they are enchanted with. Because anti-Semitism also includes anti-Arabism, it has been easy to pass to enmity towards the Arabs. A secular Turkish/nationalist identity established on anti-Arabism indexed to Israel…

Well, how did this “most intelligent nation in the world,” which many journalists felt the need to mention with sadness, become involved in this stupid a diplomatic rudeness?

Actually Israel’s founding adventure, which is described to the whole world as a Jewish success story, is a post-colonial myth. Just as the 20th century’s biggest myth was the West, the West’s Israel is the biggest lie of the post-colonial period. A success completely nurtured by the myth of the West and standing on its feet with power and injustice… Penitence for the sins made throughout history by the West – a legend that the “backward, uncivilized Arabs” had to pay for.

The motive for “the world’s most intelligent nation” diplomatically displaying the world’s most stupid theatrics should be sought in the ruptures that actually shaped the Jewish identity. The terrible fragmentation and schism in the Jewish personality – growing up with the belief that they were the world’s “chosen people,” but in real life the exact opposite, being squeezed into ghettos and usually not even being seen as normal human beings- this personality split manifested as Israel. What hid this schizophrenia that shaped Israel’s policies was the success of the military. We are talking about a personality split that sees as acceptable in war every kind of violence and oppression in order to get revenge for thousands of years of depression and defeat. It is not important whether or not the subject of their revenge is the Arabs or not. What is important is their seeing it as their right to use force and violence against someone.

This schizophrenic personality manifestation surfaces more as it moves away from a military environment. Feeling a need for this game that does not carry even a crumb of intelligence in regard to diplomacy pertains to Israel’s not being able to adapt to the new situation. Regardless of how political a message is being given internally to the Israeli people, the existence of a mass ready for this message corresponds to the mentality of the Israeli state.

The main factor that led the Israeli government to display its discomfort –the new dimension of the relationship between Israel and America- should not be overlooked. Until now Israel has been accustomed to reinforcement of its feeling of superiority as a race by means of the military, economic, political and logistic support of a world power like America and to a relationship that is amenable to Israel’s using it to her own advantage. Before anyone else the Zionist administration must have understood that the USA’s new Middle East policy is not going to give Israel an open check like before. Even if this situation does not mean that America has foregone Israel, it shows that it has come to the point of not being willing to carry Israel’s spoiled behavior in regard to her own interests. Those who read the message, “Get off my back” which is hidden between the lines written by influential American journalists will understand what this means…

The real problem is that the area opening up to Turkey is a threat to Israel’s importance and indispensability. There is a previously unseen correspondence between the USA’s Middle East policies and Turkey’s opening horizon. The party feeling this new balance the most and consequently becoming surly is Israel.

This situation points to both the incompatibility shown by the reflex of the Israeli state in adapting to normal times and a numbness of the brain and moral weakness due to its losing its indispensability to someone else’s account.

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