Is it a revolution of “some of the people”?

Actually everything is working Iranian style. There is a counter move for every move… As of the moment I began writing this article the latest news from Iran is: Hamaney met with Musavi; displays of protest have been prohibited, but the religious guide announced that he wanted the results of the elections to be investigated. In other words, authorities from the highest echelons of Iran’s system have taken charge of the situation. In spite of this, there is news that thousands of protesters have begun rushing towards the Meydan-ı Azadi. DEVAMI>>>…

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Yazanemreakif on June 17, 2009

Before Qashqar is destroyed

Those engrossed in the geo-strategic details of the “great game” in Central Asia are indifferent to the attack on the remains of our magnificent civilization. Since the days when we became accustomed to reading life with strategic calculations, talking about matters of history, culture and civilization has unfortunately been perceived as being cut-off from world realities. At any rate, we are living in a global age that gives value according to the ratio of the commercial “value” of things. DEVAMI>>>…

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Yazanemreakif on June 5, 2009