US’s exam with Netanyahu

The result of the election in Israel had wronged all the guesses and public opinion surveys. Netanyahu triumphed in the elections. This result does not only concern the inner balances in Israel. After all, Israel has never been a structure consisted only of being “within” itself. Israel always tried to exist with the outside; since it tries to legitimize its justification for existence with legends, it will feel safe at a direct scale to the support of outer factors.

While this external guarantee required military and political support of the international system, on the other hand, it acquired human materials at the rate of permission given by the outside. At the beginning, it came out with a claim, which leaned on a religion- and race-based identity with its nation-state appearance and was foreign to its own geography and dependent on the outside – even only with these justifications.

For example, similar to how their independence declaration, through invading Palestine lands, had become possible with the military and political support especially from the U.S. and Western countries, the Soviets had also been one of the important resources that provided human material. Soviets, which seemed to take side on the “Israel hostile” camp, made no bones about allowing Jewish migration, even at the period when they were closed off to the world.

Even at a stretch, when they had been regarded unrivaled military wise and all the international conjuncture worked in their countenance politically, Israel’s external dependency never lessened. Thus, ultimately, their external dependency and being in need of the U.S. population position always remained valid.

Netanyahu’s election victory coincided with a period, where their dependencies and privileged statuses overlapped one another. Netanyahu, who conducted a campaign that challenged Obama before the election and in a way almost implied to disregarding all these dependency factors, is holding the power together with right-winger parties. Even if this is an isolating side of Israel, this could be read as daring to confront external factors.

Israel’s tendency to steer towards even more racist policies in the new period, also seems like a test of the U.S. and, especially Obama, in the sense of Middle East politics and at the same time an opportunity for them.

It means that in the new period, Israel will continue their discrimination towards their own Arabic citizens, continue expanding Jewish settlements and the invasion to the detriment of Palestinians and continue some kind of apartheid implementations as a necessity of Zionist colonialism. In addition to their secondary-level citizen implementations towards the Arabs, despite the fact that they are forming 20 percent of the population, it means that even worse developments in matters like the invasion of Jerusalem, which concerns the privileged part of the world, are being expected.

The complexity of the Middle East and after apolitical rebellions, which are named as the Arab Spring, bore no results. It created a platform for Israel where it can almost do anything it wants and virtually separate itself from the agreements reached and promises previously given.

Right at this point, Netanyahu had given an important trump card to US, and especially to Obama. Two options are revealed under these circumstances. He will stay quiet against the “fait accompli” of the right-wing bloc and overlook as they take the future of the region as hostage. Thus, while rewarding the traditional sauciness of Israeli politicians, it will cause the crisis in Middle East to be deepened.

The essential question is, to what extent will the American system allow the risky gamble of Israel’s right-wing play out; in other words, will the American system accept this risk or not?

As of the point it arrived at today, Israel had shown the skill of using the chaotic environment in their countenance in a narrow field. However, especially the U.S.’s increasing expansions, which reinforces the opinion that there are no changes in their basic policies related with the Palestine-Israel issue, can be read as being directed at extricating Arabs. Also, in another aspect, it could mean that, by disregarding external factors/powers, they will not be keeping quiet against the implementations directed at Palestinians.

As for the second option for the American administration; it’s the fact that Netanyahu’s recklessness and his conflicts with it’s own regional strategies as a world power are not a situation that is revealed all the time. In this case, Obama is being presented with an important justification to give some kind of a lesson to the new Israel administration. The American administration, which stayed quiet against Netanyahu’s challenge, cannot be explained only with their known Israel advocacy; on the contrary, it will only risk the new balances and alliances they want to establish in the region. With this aspect and with an attitude, which cannot be encountered other than one or two exceptions in the late history, there is a possibility for them to leave Israel alone in the UN Security Council.

If they do this, then Israel’s hypothec on America’s regional design attempts can be partially prevented. If not, they will give the image of a world giant that is struggling in the whirlpool of regional deputation wars, which gradually becomes uncontrollable, and sect-looking civil wars.

Maybe for the first time in a long while, the external factors are in a position to corner Israel. Besides, Israel’s left-wing’s, which was in the claim of creating alternative politics until now, silence and desperation will be forcing external factors to intervene even more.

Obama’s Middle East exam is related with how he will ultimately interfere to the Iraq and Syria crisis and whether he can give the necessary answer to the new Israel right-wing’s challenging politics. Because US has no luxury to succumb to this type of blackmail anymore.

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